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Establishing Goals of Volume Management in Critically Ill Patients with Renal Failure - William McGee, MD


Applied Physiology and the Hemodynamic Management of Septic Shock Utilizing the Physiologic

Optimization Program - William McGee, MD and Patrick Mailloux, MD


September, 2012 - Blog # 5 - Dr. McGee: Defining Volume Prescription in the Critically Ill


January, 2012 - Dr. McGee - An Algorithmic Approach to Functional Hemodynamics


September, 2011 - Dr. McGee on Hemodynamics


June, 2011 - Dr. McGee on Hemodynamics


May, 2011 - Dr. McGee on Hemodynamics

Other Critical Care Continuing Education of Interest



12th Annual Cardiovascular-Thoracic (CVT) Critical Care 2015: A Global Sharing of Innovative Ideas, Technology & Protocols Presented in 3 days: 10/1/15 thru 10/3/15 Washington, DC This multi-disciplinary CME conference is dedicated to further advancing knowledge and expertise in the complex field of Cardiovascular-Thoracic (CVT) Critical Care. It is designed to bring together the entire team of health care professionals that provide care for patients undergoing CVT operations and interventional procedures.


ScientiaCME (ACCME accredited CME)


UCI Goal Directed Therapy Website


Pathway to Enhanced Recovery After Colon and Rectal Surgery (Dr. M. Cleary)


The Eastern Association for the Surgery of Trauma (EAST)


Memorial University Medical Center CME programs

Endocrinology / Diabetes


Current Trends in Management of Blood Glucose in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus (Susan Cornell BS, PharmD, CDE, FAPhA, FAADE) - Release date: 08/20/2011 (1 hr CME)

Making the case for glycemic control: Is it a Matter of Tightness or Timing? (Barbara 'Bobbi' Leeper MN, RN, CNS, CCRN) - Release date: 08/20/2011 (0.5 hr CME)

Therapeutic Updates, Best Practices, and Barriers to Care in the Management of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus (Ann Lynch PharmD) - Release date: 12/12/2012 (1.5 hr CME)

Pain – Somatic

Current and Emerging Strategies in the Treatment of Chronic Pain (Richard Greene PharmD) - Release date: 01/02/2012 (1 hr CME)

Therapeutic Updates, Best Practices, and Barriers to Care in the Treatment of Chronic Pain (Chris Herndon PharmD) - Release date: 01/08/2013 (1 hr CME)



Abdominal Compartment


American Association of Critical-Care Nursing


American College of Chest Physicians


American College of Emergency Physicians


American Society of Anesthesiologists


Emergency Nurses Association


European Society of Intensive Care Medicine


European Surgical Association




International Symposium on Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine


The Pediatric Cardiac Intensive Care Society


Society for Critical Care Medicine


World Society of the Abdominal Compartment Syndrome


NEW: State Medical Licensure Requirements (from





Critical Care Monitoring Literature Review


Critical Care Pharmacotherapy Literature Update


Critical Care Pharmacotherapy Literature Update Archives


A Simple Physiologic Algorithm for Managing Hemodynamics Using Stroke Volume - an article by William T. McGee, M.D,, M.H.A.


Organ pathophysiology with IAH - Organ Pathophysiology of intra-abdominal hypertension-


Sepsis and intraabdominal hypertension - an article by Timothy R. Wolfe, MD, University of Utah Health Sciences Center

Pulmonary Artery Catheter Education Project


Medical News Stories (from ScientiaCME)


Facts Care International Blog


Pub Med




Non-CME Educational Events


Are We Applying Goal Directed Therapy Concepts During High-Risk Surgery? (Maxime Cannesson MD)


Just for fun:


Critical Care Music Videos




Perioperative Patient Simulation (POPS) with the FloTrac Sensor, PreSep Catheter and Vigileo Monitor - These simulations allow you to practice hemodynamic stabilization of a patient in both a surgical and ICU environment. There are three shock cases in which to chose; cardiogenic shock, hypovolemic shock and septic shock. From the Toronto General Hospital Department of Anesthesia. NEW!


New critical care educational iPhone application, including:

• The Quick Guide to Cardiopulmonary Care, second edition
• FloTrac sensor product overview and user guide
• PreSep oximetry catheter product overview and user guide
• PediaSat oximetry catheter product overview and user guide


Visit to download or visit the “App Store” on your iPhone and search by Edwards Lifesciences . Note: federal (USA) law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a physician. See instructions for use for full prescribing information. Educational material on this app is not accredited and may contain commercial information.

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