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Critical Care Pharmacotherapy Literature Update Contributors: Marcus Costner, PharmD, BCPS (VA); Erin Frazee, PharmD (Mayo); Haley Goodwin, PharmD (Johns Hopkins); Deanna McMahon Horner, PharmD, BCPS (UCSF); Emily Hutchison, PharmD, BCPS (Clarian Methodist); Shawn Kram, PharmD, BCPS (Via Christi); Jessica Mercer, PharmD, BCPS (MUSC); Erin Nystrom, PharmD, BCNSP (Mayo); Heather Personett, PharmD (Mayo); Angela Plewa, PharmD, BCPS (Stroger); Bridgette Therriault, PharmD (Wesley); Charles J Turck, PharmD, BCPS (UMass); Peter Herout, PharmD, BCPS (EPI-Q, Inc.).


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